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According to the U.S. Fire Administration (Division of U.S. Department of Homeland Security), clothes dryers were involved in an estimated 15,600 U.S. structure fires , fifteen deaths , 400 injuries , and $99 million in direct property damage, annually.

"Failure to clean" is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.

100% guarantee A quick look behind just about any dryer can be illuminating. In most cases, the flexible duct (transition hose) is going to have multiple bends. In situations that can be very dangerous, the exhaust hose can be crushed against the wall. Add lost socks, an empty fabric softener box, and a considerable accumulation of lint dust, and this very real fire hazard becomes obvious.

All this is before looking inside the wall or at the exhaust system’s outside termination. Inside the wall, long duct runs with many elbows increase the rate of lint accumulation in the duct and in the dryer itself. Inefficient dryer vent terminations that are all too common also contribute to the problem.

DRYER VENT CLEANING Dryer and Vent cleaning

There are two major reasons why you should clean your dryer vents:

  • 1) to prevent fires that start from buildups of highly flammable lint in your dryer vent ducts and
  • 2) to lower your energy costs due to inefficient dryers that are clogged up with lint.
Save Money and Have Peace Of Mind

Dryer vent cleaning is a commonly overlooked maintenance, however it is a significant procedure that can save money and increase well-being. Dryer and Vent cleaning Dryer vents draw in the hot air produced by your dryer and expel it outside your home. Dryer vents very easily become dirty. When not maintained properly, dryer vents can become a hazard.

Most people fail to notice when the dryer vent gradually becomes clogged with lint. If lint has built up in the vent, air flow is compromised and the trapped hot air in the vent could potentially start a fire. In fact, clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires. A clean dryer vent keeps drying time shorter, which keeps your energy bill low. A clean dryer vent also prevents moisture from staying in your home, preventing mold or mildew buildup.






Located in Colorado, AAA Quality Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated business that has been serving our loyal customers for many years. We are the experts in helping you maintain a healthy and happy home. Our technicians are the best in the business and will not only clean your Air Ducts, Carpet, Dryer Vents, and Chimneys but we will do it with great pride. Our service covers the Denver metro area, including Denver, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Littleton and Aurora.

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Heidi N.
Denver, CO
5 star review

Customer Quote Christophe and Akim just finished our duct cleaning, and I am extremely pleased with their service and professionalism. They took time to explain the process to me, and they were both thorough and efficient. I also appreciated their willingness to work around our three dogs, and they happily accommodated my request to finish a specific space first so I could keep the pups contained. After they finished, they gave recommendations around what to do to and when to replace filters. I'm grateful for the work they did, and I won't hesitate to bring them in again for our service needs.

Rachel C.
Denver, CO
5 star review

Customer Quote I recently had basement finish and needed a ducts and vents cleaning. I've called several different places and decide to go head with AAA Quality air duct and carpet. Christophe and Akim came and did duct and vent cleaning, Akim did our carpet cleaning. They took time and did a thorough job. I also had chimney cleaning also. I am very satisfied with Christophe and Akim's job. All this cost me quite bit of money but I will def use them again next time.

Yvonne M.
Lone Tree, CO
5 star review

Customer Quote Tech showed up on time and was very friendly. I was curious about the amount of dirt and he happily showed me the inside of the vents using a camera. Our house is 1980s and I suspected had never been cleaned. We did find some cut pcv pipe portions so first cleaning. He took great care cleaning and scrubbing the vents as well as the dryer vents--inside and out. He even swept out the furnace. He sprayed some micro antiseptic type bacteria cleaners. My point is the service was well worth it! Great job!!

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