Carpet Cleaning in Denver - SpecialsPRE-SPRAY AND SPOTTING
Pre-Spray and Spotting Carpet CleaningThe carpet in your home or business is a big investment. We know that, so we spot-test a small, inconspicuous area of your carpet before we begin. If there are any problems, we can recommend another of our effective cleaning methods.



Pet Odor NeutralizationOver the years, your carpet is going to absorb odors. Every time someone takes a step, it pushes these odors into the air. Not only does your carpet and upholstery smell dusty and stale, but now your house does, too. And that’s just the beginning. Cooking odors, cigars and cigarette smoke, and the family pet all leave odors of their own. QADC utilizes the latest technology to safely and effectively neutralize odors.

Carpet RestretchOver time, you may see your carpet begin to have lumps, waves or ripples. This often happens to new carpet poorly installed. We also find that older carpets, due to various reasons, can also exhibit this condition. Not only is this rippling unattractive but it can be a tripping hazard. If you have this condition, we recommend “power stretching”. A “power stretching” is the process of pulling your carpet up along the edges and using a specialized piece of equipment to re-stretch it back to the proper position. This maintenance can extend the life and look of your carpet. A carpet that is properly stretched allows for more effective carpet cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in DenverMany people don’t notice their tile & grout until its soiled with dirt, bacteria, grease, mildew and stains. By the time its recognized, the appearance of the floor has drastically changed for the worse, a cleaning that can be a challenging task to do on your own. So, before you start thinking of spending a lot of money and aggravation in replacement, a professional cleaning or restoration is all that may be needed.



Upholstery Cleaning in DenverOur well-trained staff can identify and safely clean different types of fabrics. Restore the quality of your furniture and add years to its life with our upholstery cleaning service.





Carpet ProtectorQADC’S protectants refresh the performance of stain resistant carpets, fortifying its ability to resist soiling and staining. Applying carpet protectant can help your investment in cleaning your carpet last, keeping your carpet fresher, longer. This is the final recommended step in our thorough cleaning process.


5 Reasons You Should Call Us Today

#1 – Clean carpets make the room
There are many benefits to keeping your carpets clean and in good condition. The aesthetic aspect is important to ensure that your carpets look as good as possible, which makes a huge difference. A badly maintained carpet can ruin the look of an entire room, regardless of how nice the decor is. A well-kept, clean carpet can have the complete opposite effect.
#2 – Reduce allergies & improve health
Another, and even more important, benefit is the potential improvement to your health. A great many people suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma and eczema. A dusty, dirty carpet will release particles into the air every time it is walked on, exacerbating poor air conditions. By keeping your carpets clean and free from debris, the household can enjoy cleaner air as well as cleaner carpet, which can ultimately be beneficial to your overall health.
#3 – Increase & protect carpet life
Dirt is an abrasive, much like sandpaper. Every time you walk on your carpet, you grind dirt into its fibers. Over time, this cuts up your carpet like a knife, causing it to wear out sooner. A dirty carpet never lasts as long as a clean carpet. While vacuuming itself helps, it’s simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out.
#4 – Remove harmful chemicals
As you may know, tobacco smoke can contain over 4,000 different chemical compounds–43 of which can cause cancer. Even if you don’t smoke, those chemicals get trapped into your shoes and clothes, eventually tracking their way into your home and your carpets. If you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke, you’ll find easier breathing after we remove those chemicals from your carpets.
#5 – Ensure manufacturer warranties
Did you know that many large manufacturer of carpets will not even honor their “wear and tear” warranties unless you can prove that you’ve had your carpets cleaned with hot water extraction (steam cleaning) at least once a year? It’s a pretty strong endorsement from carpet manufacturers to keep your carpet warranted by annual cleaning.